Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews for Racking & Lifting Devices
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In Ontario, it is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act that industrial machinery or equipment have a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSHSR) carried out by a licensed professional engineer. This includes racking and lifting devices such as cranes.

The Hill Engineering Group Inc. has extensive experience working with racking structures and lifting devices. One of our professional engineers will visit your facility to inspect the equipment, and then provide an exemption letter / certification or a report detailing the requirements to be in compliance with the law.

A PSHSR is required when installing or modifying new or existing racking or a stacking structures, lifting device, traveling crane, or automobile hoist, and the provisions of the Table (in Section 7 of Regulation 851) apply. These provisions can be viewed at:


For further information, please feel free to contact us, or you may download the Ontario Ministry of Labour's "Guidelines for Pre-Start Health and Safety Review: How to Apply Section 7 of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments"

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For details regarding machine Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews, click here).



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